1. Anything inappropriate is forbidden. This also includes swearing and being offensive with your messages, IGN, cape, skin, sign, sword name, and so on. Acronyms are also forbidden. The PlayPixelmon network must be suitable for children. Be respectful to all players, staff members, and the server. Toxic attitude is also forbidden, including saying "ez". Severe punishments will be issued in case of discrimination (racism, homophobia, antisemitism etc), death threats or suicide encouragement. Do not joke about it.
  2. No cheating. Do not encourage others to use cheats.
  3. Do not use anything that can give significant advantage.
  4. No abusing glitches.
  5. PvP is forbidden
  6. No Portal Trapping
  7. No Griefing inside claims. Trusted players can grief.
  8. No Excessive stalking.
  9. No stats boosting.
  10. Do not scam players. Do not trade with people with false promises and the intent of steal from them.
  11. Bypassing the anti-afk system is forbidden.
  12. No abusing the tickets system. This also includes false reporting or trying to waste staff time with helpop.
  13. No advertising, except if you advertise someone currently streaming on PlayPixelmon, as long as it is suitable for children (PG, no swearing).
  14. No hackusating. Please use the /report [PlayerName] [Reason] command. (see Note 2)
  15. Do not argue with staff members.
  16. Do not argue punishments. This also includes arguing the type or length of the punishment.
  17. Ignoring staff members directions is forbidden. Staff members can tell you to stop doing a particular action even if it is not included in these rules.
  18. Do not chargeback store purchases. If you have an issue with your purchase, contact a staff member.
  19. Do not use a public VPN. Public VPNs are used by cheaters to bypass bans. Using a public VPN will very likely get you banned. This also includes paid services that use a shared IP address. If you have the necessity to use a VPN to play on PlayPixelmon, get a VPN with a dedicated IP.
  20. Do not use unofficial/"cracked" Minecraft accounts, either purchased or freely available. There are websites on the internet that "sell" Minecraft accounts for very cheap. They sell the same set of accounts to several players. These players will use the accounts for cheating. If you got one of these accounts as an alt and you join the server with one of these accounts, your main account will be automatically alt banned. We do not support these accounts. If you need an alt account, purchase it from or any other official store.
  21. Do not grief or claim any world-generated structure, like Villages, Gyms, Ghost Towers, etc. in the overworld. You can loot them. Those structures should be accessible by all players and should be admin claimed. If you find one in the overworld that is not admin claimed (right click with a stick), please use /helpop nearby the structure to inform staff about it! Making a claim nearby a structure is allowed.
  22. Gathering players in some location to get an advantage with the Legendary Pokemon spawn is forbidden.

Use /rules on the server to review the rules above at any time.

Failing to follow the rules will result in a punishment. The punishments for breaking the rules are at discretion of the staff team, although the staff is following the guidelines. Breaking severe rules or breaking the rules several times will lead to harsher punishments. This means you may get banned immediately for breaking any of the rules without any warning. You can be punished for breaking the rules anytime, even after several hours/days from the time you broke the rules. The rules can change anytime without any notice. Do not complain about punishments being too harsh: you broke the rules, it is not our fault. Do not ask or try to find out who issued the punishment. Do not ask for proof: we will not provide it.

Punishments length

Although the punishments for breaking the rules are at discretion of the staff team, we try to stick to the following punishments: